Hello, and welcome to my online shop!


I love handmaking things and hope this is evident in what you see here! I also don't use a sewing machine so everything is

stitched by hand and all sequins and beads are painstakingly sewn onto fabric without mechanical intervention.


Each item is unique. If you see multiples of items, rest assured that each one is handcrafted and is therefore unique, having it's

own particular differences to it's siblings.


I am trained in Illustration, I graduated from University College Falmouth with a BA (Hons) in 2008 and have adapted some

of my costume and character designs into physical accessories by teaching myself how to make them in three dimensions.


So please, make yourself comfortable and peruse at your pleasure. I can adapt designs to suit your own commissions,

as some of the concepts of these designs were originally commissions. Please email me if you have any questions

or if you would like something that is not in stock, or have your own idea for a piece and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


To see my illustrations, please visit www.tamsynswingler.co.uk

For the most awesome Steampunk themed events in Cornwall to wear your purchases please visit www.ladysteampunk.co.uk


Just a quick note to say the all postage is currently for the UK but if any international customers would contact

me for postage costs, I can let you know and if you want to buy anything, I can invoice you. My appologies

for this, I'm still working on international postage options.


Thank you for visiting, and happy shopping!